Paris Mountain Baptist Church
5550 Old Buncombe Rd.
Greenville, SC 29609
Phone: (864) 729-8635

From Our Pastor's Desk

We at Paris Mountain Baptist Church, we strive to be living proof of the truth of Christ and His word. We believe that all work must begin with Christian love and its sacrifice as it’s foundation.
The Church has displayed to a lost and dying world the banners of judgment and condemnation for far too long. While living a Biblically grounded righteous separated life should be the goal of every Christian, encouragement and love are often better evangelistic tools than exclusion and apathy, we believe that every word in Scripture is literally God breathed, and is profitable of doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in how to live a righteous life. It is the mission of Paris Mountain Baptist Church to mix a blended worship time with traditional Bible-entered messages in order to manifest , magnify, worship, and please our Lord. Our goal is that in all things Christ and His word be lifted up. The belief that men and their intelligence and actions should be placed above the scriptures has no place at this fellowship.

From birth till death, we believe each Christian has a God-given specific role to play in the spreading of the Gospel to a lost and dying world, with that adds our template, every member of Paris Mountain Baptist Church is asked to participate in one of our ministries. It is the conviction of this body of believers that God uses various mediums to reach diverse people with the Gospel.
1) Character and witness of the individual believer
2) Media
3) Christian education
4) Global missions
5) Worship, Preaching, and fellowship in the local church.
It is our priority to be actively involved in using these vehicles to introduce our world to the magnificent grace and forgiveness of our God. Recently, we have completed our new facility at 5550 Old Buncombe Rd. in Berea. Our long term goals include opening an affordable Christian School to help meet our community’s growing population. In addition we are working on staging an outdoor passion play each Easter. If you are a person who believes in simply warming a pew, our church may not be for you . However, if you are looking for a church that provides believers with exciting opportunities to both evangelize and encourage spiritual growth in you fellow Christians, please come and visit with us sometime.

If you’re looking for a church, we are the one you’ve been looking for.